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Job Safety is improved by Delivery of Skaff kits, Podger's Ratchet Spanners, Scaffolding Gloves, and Stop the Drops system to Horrocks

Falling tools is a serious issue across all industries that require work at height. One of the brands we are proud to offer to help reduce the risk of falling tools, is the Stop the Drops system of industry compliant products.

Toolstore in WA is 421km from Horrocks where we ship many scaffolding tools. Toolstore's scaffolding supplies store near Perth stocks many products that provide invaluable protection to prevent falls and dropped tools from heights.

The startling statistics of both the fatalities and injuries caused from dropped objects is ranked as the second highest cause of fatalities in the industry according the the Safe Work Australia study between 2010 and 2014. Scaffolders come from all suburbs across Australia including Horrocks and your safety in the workplace is paramount. According to the Stop the Drop's website, the danger around falling tools from a height is less understood as the direct correlation between the falling of the tool and the potentially lethal force it carries is not always immediately apparent. For example a 2kg wrench dropped at 6 meters hits the ground with the force of 117kg, (as much as a cement mixer).

Drop protection such as drop zones and traditional barricading methods are rendered ineffective when an object deflects off something on the way down. This frequently occurs on building sites in Horrocks like all suburbs, as when objects fall they tend to not fall straight down. One scenario where an object can bypass the traditional prevention methods is when a 3.7kg tool falls from a 22 storey building and then hits a bar 6 meters off the ground can be deflected up to 127 meters away, recorded reaching speeds of over 130km/h. OUCH.

Because of this, common safety protection methods such as hard hats can do little to prevent damage against objects delivering this level of force on impact. One of the aims of the Stop the Drops products is to create tools or adaptions and tethers attached to tools that help to prevent the tool from dropping in the first place, while not reducing the efficiency at which the tool can be used.

It is important for companies operating in Horrocks and employers in industries that require work at heights to adhere to the correct safety procedures, as the Health and Safety Regulations 2011, regulation 55, Minimising risk associated with falling objects states:

�"A person conducting business or undertaking at a workplace must manage risks to health and safety associated with an object falling on a person if the falling object is reasonable likely to injure the person."

This clearly requires the employers to be aware of the requirements of the law and provide all employees with adequate protection from the hazards presented by falling objects.

Some of the types of scaffolder safety equipment that Toolstore offer to reduce the dangers and provides a avenue for companies and employers to become aligned with Drop Object Prevention legislation, are the following; Gecko gloves a all-new lightweight glove with impact protection and tool tether point, tool belts such as the Formwork's kit, designed with tool drop prevention in mind, engineered so that 100% of tools can be fully tethered 100% of the time, tether systems such as Bungee Tool Lanyaerd with Steel Karabina 2.5kg Rating and equipment holsters such as the Buckarro 30mm Ratchet podger key frog with safety strap.

Toolstore also supplies and ships to Horrocks the following:

Employers and companies should be aware of some of the existing challenges with implementing a compliant Drop Object Prevention policy. The prevaling culture surrounding a lot of the existing industries is a lack of understanding in the consequences of dropped objects. The dangers are not as obvious as the well known dangers of a person falling from a given height because of this tool drop prevention is often overlooked.

One of the common hinderances for the adoption of a compliant drop object prevention policy historically, has been restricted tool functionality. This is a result of drop prevention devices inhibiting the tool functionality, the resulting decrease in usability and performance of the tool often leads to workers discarding them in favour of getting the job done more productively.

Another common issue that makes uptake of a compliant policy is the vast tool diversity that needs to be covered. There is a large range of tools that can be used across many different industries, creating a prevention policy that encompasses all of the tools accurately provides a difficult task. Using a ‘One Size fits all' approach tends to be inefficient and unsustainable making it difficult for workers to justify adopting the practice.

The Tool drop prevention system that Stop the Drop has adopted requires 95% of hand tools to be adaptable and be intuitive and fast to use to maximise performance and efficiency while maintaining a level of safety.

At toolstore we aim to stock as wide a range of these as possible at the best quality and lowest prices. So please order with confidence for prompt delivery to Horrocks today.

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